Fully customised colourings


Beyond colour choices, hairdressers at BY ELINA carry out hair colouring with remarkable subtlety.

It goes without saying that this salon is renowned for its expertise in this field, and that its reputation has been built above all on the quality of its hair colouring products.

Shades, reflections, matt or shiny effects... Each service is the result of a thorough diagnosis, a rigorous "formula" (up to the choice of pigments) and a delicate application, for a result full of nuances. Whether it is a real transformation, an extension or a coloration of the roots (regrowth) of your hair, the skilled technicians at the salon know how to respect the requirements of natural beauty as well as to meet the most exceptional demands.

BY ELINA has a very wide range of products - carefully selected from the best professional brands - to design your colour with accuracy and precision.


A well-deserved five-star reputation


Highlight of the BY ELINA salon, balayage is the ideal technique to warm up brown hair or illuminating a dull chestnut shade. It brings volume, shine and natural reflections with a delicate work of highlights.

"Caramel hair" shade, "Blond hair" shade, "Ash brown" shade or other "Cold brew hair"... At BY ELINA, the technician-colorists are there to support all current trends and inspirations, but above all they adapt to the wishes and constraints of each one of you.

Appropriate advice, serious expertise and cutting-edge technology... the balayage services provided by the salon guarantee you a refinement and elegance as rare as genuine.


Let's be crazy!


Everything is possible (or nearly) at BY ELINA! Thanks to the extensive work of bleaching (hair lightening) and "services" such as Olaplex, you can go to BY ELINA with your most insane dreams.

Brunettes who were dreaming of being platinum blond no longer have to wait. As long as your hair has not suffered the setbacks of old inappropriate treatments, as long as you are ready to spend several hours in the salon (the working time required remains very significant), it is now possible to obtain surprising lightening results, even from the darkest hair, while preserving it.

Fantasy colours and other eccentricities... every colour you can possibly imagine is within your reach at BY ELINA.


Pamper your colours


BY ELINA offers many unique beauty care products to revive your colour-treated hair.

Among these services, "colour polishes" act as a semi-permanent colouring. Like a "gloss", they condition and balance your colour, and allow you to create subtle shades without lightening and therefore without "damaging" the hair (without ammonia).

Another available treatment is the "gloss polish", which restores your hair's natural shine. A genuine reflex enhancer, it brings real shine to your hair. This treatment gently intensifies your colour.

You have understood: take advantage of your next visit to the salon to refresh, polish and adjust the colour of your coloured hair.