Absolute blow-dry


There is no secret: styling will be time-consuming if the cut is not good beforehand. That is why at BY ELINA, all hairdressers are versatile and can, if necessary, correct an flawed cut.

Once the cut is made properly, styling remains an art in its own right. The brushings offered at the salon are really " crafted " and have a reputation for lasting much longer than usual. A real comfort for the daily life, so much so that many customers have their habits at BY ELINA and regularly attend the salon to perfect their blow-dry.

A quality styling, a hairstyle that keeps its movement, a true feeling of lightness... For your greatest comfort, quite simply.


Straightening, did you say straightening?


No more curls and frizzies! Are you a fan of straight hair... and can't stand endless brushings anymore? BY ELINA offers a high quality straightening service based on bioactive biological keratin that can last over time (up to 3 to 4 months).

This deep treatment provides fabulous flexibility, lightness and shine for perfectly smooth, healthy hair.


Long live the bride!


A happy event is approaching? Wedding, inauguration or gala evening... you want to be perfect for the celebration. Keep calm, the BY ELINA team takes care of the mission by offering the best services in terms of make-up and event styling 100% personalized.

Buns of all kinds, ties, extensions... To ensure the most beautiful effect, do not hesitate to bring photos of your dresses, accessories and other styling references, so that the people who work with you (make-up artist and hairdresser) can be in tune with your style and exalte your outfit.

Plan a trial day at the salon (about a month before the deadline).

BY ELINA's team may travel (to the place of your choice), if it is located in Paris.

The longer it is...


When it comes to hair extensions, BY ELINA uses only natural hair, very often from Russia - the queen of extensions - for a truly stunning result. Although still invisible, the laying methods may vary. You will be offered two options for the laying of your extensions at BY ELINA:

The first, called "extension tapes", is carried out by adhesive strips and makes it possible especially not to damage your own hair. Thanks to this special "tape", the laying is performed without heat, without keratin. Finally, the extension is very natural and invisible.

The second option is based on keratin. The laying is carried out while hot, strand by strand. Although more comfortable to wear, this method damages your hair more since keratin, once heated, melts and sticks to your hair. It is also necessary to have a larger budget since the laying time is much longer....

In both cases, it is best to visit the salon, where you will receive the most appropriate advice and a precise quote based on the density of your hair, the nature of your hair and the desired result.